Anne Solveig Art

With my creative expressions I want to focus on light, joy and all that is true and beautiful, and that can be seen whenever we choose to see it. I also want to highlight the feminine and our love and connection to Mother Earth.

In my paintings you will find Women that shine and are enjoying just being, and to live in harmony with nature.... Women who are dancing together and are singing, playing music and are in their full power. The angels too want to be in my paintings. I believe that we are all surrounded by angels and a spiritual presence, that watch over us and that are happy to help us whenever we ask.


Galleri vita katten, Sthlm -92
Leijonhjärta, Kungsg Sthlm - 95
Care of, Kungsholmen Sthlm - 95
Care of Kungsholmen Sthlm - 96
Ra-Matara Kungsholmen Sthlm- 96
Mariestad sept - 96
Vattumannen Sthlm  -97
Galleri Friends of Art Sthlm - 98
Resmo Öland - 99
Konstnatten, Resmo Öland - 2000
Galleri Anne Solveig, Mundekulla från år 2000 -2018