Welcome dear friend!

"I want to inspire you to be everything you are,
and to shine your true light into the world"

I feel delighted to have you here. And I am sure there is a reason that you found my page right now. What we need in life seems to come our way, and we are always in the right place at the right time. So please check out what resonates with you here. 

I know that you are a truly beautiful and wonderful being with so much to give. I want to inspire you to be everything you are and shine your light into this world. That is the only way to live a truly joyful and deep meaningful life.

Therefore I love to offer retreats for women because during a retreat you get a chance to listen deep within and find your own truth. To find out who you are in your deepest essence and what you are here to do and to share.

I have also made a Cd "Shine" especially for women with the purpose of inspiring and strengthen you on your own uniqe path.

I have written a book in Swedish about women circles that has inspired many women to build their own warm loving circle with the purpose of strengthening and encouraging each other.

And I love to paint. Welcome into my art gallery.

Together with my exhusband Peter Elmberg, I am the founder of Mundekulla Retreatcenter in Sweden. It is a beautiful place, where I have spent the last 20 years offering courses, retreats, wonen circles and events.

I also enjoy being in Spain during the winter, where I offer retreats, women circles, singing and events.
In the area around Torrox, Nerja and Frigiliana.

Love, Anne Solveig

Shine Sister retreat, Spain 2019


Sister Retreat  in Torrox  ( november - mars)
A beautiful opportunity to dive deep into yourself and find out who you truly are and how you want to live your life. In a warm friendly atmosphere with other women. Read more

You can now order my Cd. 
A beautiful blend of soft music and uplifting songs that is strengthening and inspiring.

" If you just knew how much I enjoy your new Cd " Shine".  It´s so good and professional like a world artist with her own style. Wonderful!"
Carina Hansson

"Thank you for a wonderful Cd. It fills me with joy and love. Some of the songs just make me wanna dance. And some I just enjoy to relax with. The whole Cd feels very healing." 
Janet Forsberg

"Ohh how much I play your Cd and I often sing the songs while out walking. It has given me soo much."
Ann-Sofi Nilsson

"Helena and I listened to the music and it was really enjoyable. You sing with a nice voice and the lyrics and music is beautiful. A very good experience! Thank you."
Felix Lancelot o Helena Soluna

"Just want to say how much I like your music. It makes me happy." 
Nina Hedberg

"I fell asleep while listening to your  wonderful songs and music yesterday... it made me feel so relaxed.  I love your music." 
Katrin Skoglund

In the future the newsletter will also be in English, Welcome to sign up.

My book in Swedish 
"The womens circle a strengthening experience"

"This book is not only a good guidance if you want to create a woman circle, it is also a joy to read."
Monica Katarina Frisk

"What a beautiful book you have written. We have used it a lot in my educations." 
Agneta Nyholm Winquist

”I want to thank you so much for this book. I feel so strengthened as a woman."
Lena-Maria Liljefors

"What a magical circle we created yesterday. I feel moved to tears. Such a deep and beautiful conversation. I feel love and thankfulness. Thank you Anne for your wonderful book. I held it close to me and it gave me strength to feel your presence." 
Katrin Skoglund