"You are beautiful as a group leader. I feel very touched by you" -  Angela

About Anne Solveig 

Anne is deeply devoted to her own spiritual journey and she also want  to inspire and strengthen other women in finding their inner true Self and unique gifts. She is an inspiring teacher and retreatleader and have been inviting women to womens circles retreats, courses, womens festivals the last 25 years.

Her Retreats and events are very appreciated as well as her facebook group "Shine Sister"  where a lot of women come together to share their journey to be more aware of their own inner strength and inner true Self and to listen to their heart and let it guide the way.  Many women have found inspiration and strenght through this forum, on their path in life. 

Anne is also a talented singer, musician and artist. She has written a lot of music and also a deep, touching musical. Her music is played in many differnt venues from schools to courses, retreats in churches. Some of her songs are also sung by choirs...

She is a cocreater of Mundekulla Retreatcenter a unique ecological center in the south of sweden with calm and peaceful surroundings. A perfect place for meditation, yoga and retreats.  Its also an inspiring and beautiful place for courses and festivals with a creative athmosphere with music and art. People from all over the world come to Mundekulla and love the place... www.mundekulla.se

Anne Solveig

My deepest dedication in life is to live from my true Self and shine my light into the world. And I love to inspire others to do the same. 

Anne has been invitning women to women's circles, Goddess retreats, festivals and many other events for more than 25 years...

With her art, music, writings and events she has inspired thousands of women to be more of who they truly are and shine their light into the world

Her retreats are very much appreciated and many women return, year after year and says it's the best thing they have given to themselves... Anne creates an atmosphere where every woman feel loved and welcome . She alse create a safe space to heal.

There is a light and wamth shining from Annes paintings. The motives are often, women and Mother earth. 

​Her book Womens circle (in swedish) has inspirerd many women to start their own women's circles...

Mundekulla Retreatcenter
Anne is with her ex husband Peter Elmberg the founder of Mundekulla Retreatcenter  -  a unique beautiful Retreatcenter in the south of sweden  with focus on ecology, creativity, song, music, art, retreats, and spirituality .


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